Software Development Team Structure for Remote Teams

If your users hate your software, your return on investment will suffer. WordPress Developers are somewhat hybrids of other software development team roles. They have a background both with front-end and back-end, which allows them to build complete WordPress applications including WordPress themes and WordPress security plugins from start to finish. An experienced person in this role will quickly identify potential pain points and address them early on.

Size and members of software developers team

Generalists are the ones who can be touted as the jack of all trades as they possess a broad range of expertise, providing a complete solution to the problem. In addition, generalist team members are flexible enough to apply their knowledge across vast areas. This is sometimes the saddest stage because it is when the team finishes the project and no longer needs to exist.

Empower team ownership

You should consider and decide on many things before beginning to put together a team of software developers. This includes things like the functionality you want to achieve, the tech stack you want to use, your budget, and more. Let’s take a detailed look at development teams and the various software developers they have. As you’ve probably guessed, this type of team is a mix of the previous two. It seems like this approach combines the best from the two worlds, where specialists focus on functional parts, and generalists are responsible for the communication and cooperation inside the team.

If you are responsible for more people than can fit into a single team, then you need to split the group into teams of optimal size. You then treat the team leads as part of your team, i.e. if there are six teams, then you have the six team leads directly report to you. If the number of people reporting to you is too large, then you create a middle layer. https://globalcloudteam.com/ No manager should have more people directly reporting to them than they can comfortably manage, usually 5-8 people. Depending on the factors discussed above, i.e. leadership, kind of work, team cohesion and skills mix, a team has a natural optimum size. Some teams are larger than they need to be because of a belief that one role equals one individual.

Size and members of software developers team

This team structure includes people with broad skills and experience. The generalists are saddled with the end-to-end development of an individual feature or complete project. Trio has a full team of highly skilled software developers that can build your software product without you having to lift a finger. There are three common ways to structure a software development team. Reusability is an integral concept in software engineering which stresses the importance of using existing assets during the software development process.

Typical software development team structure

In most tech companies, this role is usually filled with the most experienced software development team member who represents leadership and management skills. Tech Leaders coordinate the development process, manage the sub-teams, and may be familiar with Scrum processes for optimal management. This is definitely one of the most powerful software development team roles – but one that comes with a huge responsibility. The proper software development team structure consists of a few kinds of developers with different roles and responsibilities.

Size and members of software developers team

Scrum is the most common Agile framework for breaking down massive projects into smaller pieces and reviewing and adapting them along the way. Our software development team’s structure contains a vital part – a Scrum master. They ensure that the team adheres to the agile ideals and principles and the agreed-upon methodology. In an ideal situation, everyone would have a small team of generalists and experts working for them, getting along pretty smoothly.

Project Manager (PM)

The platform can complete the same software process as an entire team but faster and with fewer expenses. This is made feasible by the platform’s capacity to produce source code dynamically. The final source code will belong to the user exclusively, so there are no issues with the rights either. As hard as your team is at work on a daily basis, they spend a sufficient amount of time interacting with each other. And if your team members can clearly communicate their needs and project demands to one another, it can boost their collaboration and improve the work process overall. It is also capable of driving creativity and innovation inside the team.

Mistakes can happen when selecting developers with an appropriate level of expertise. Striving to save budgets, you may feel reluctant to hire senior engineers and opt for less experienced staff. So, a PO is more customer-oriented, while a BA is often more focused on the project. Professional business analysts are usually qualified to take over some of a product owner’s tasks, like managing the product backlog, modeling workflows, and others. Deciding on the size of the software development team for your project requires deep research and analysis of all influencing factors. UX or UI designer is the one who designs the way users interact with the software.

He or she ensures that every feature and functionality addresses the pain point of users and impacts their bottom line. PMs are also responsible for managing relationships among stakeholders and different departments of the organization. They manage all processes, assign tasks and ensure every team member aligns with the project timeline. A hybrid team structure combines the generalist and the specialist structure.

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SCRUM as a proven Agile framework works great in software projects where cyclic verification of progress and the introduction of necessary modifications to the chosen direction is required. Top-down management is slowly becoming a thing of the past because great teams with common goals and shared vision don’t need to be pushed. They do their job well because they want to, not because they are forced to do so. In such an environment, the success of the team is perceived as the success of each individual.

You can start building a software development team structure by deciding if you want a specialist, generalist, or hybrid team of specialists. We would be happy to share our relevant expertise and build a highly-performing Agile team for you. If you are a small startup or a medium-sized business that is looking to deliver a product or a service with a limited budget, then you should consider an agile software development team.

  • A culture of cooperation and team-play facilitates teamwork for the best results.
  • But on the other hand, project team members need to have enough resources to be productive and cover all phases of the development life cycle.
  • Most teams use their expertise for client consultations, as they’re able to propose fast and trustworthy solutions that’ll be the most efficient for the particular business case.
  • Thus, in many teams, a business analyst plays the role of system analyst.
  • This person is responsible for formulating objectives, evaluating and documenting essential processes and systems, and ensuring that the business model and technology are in sync.
  • Some of the examples of where conflict can occur are the brainstorming and decision-making processes.
  • So if you have a big team of developers, you should employ the necessary software development tools and processes to ensure effortless communication among members.

This is why software companies create interdisciplinary software development teams structures with various specialists and sub-teams to cover all grounds. Below you’ll find descriptions of the most common software development team members in an Agile software development team. After reading this article, you’ll know what to expect when you come to your first software consultations and be well-prepared to kickstart your project. Choose a software development company and come to the first software consultations with your business idea, searching to hire a do-it-all person.

Using mainly HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JavaScript frameworks, they create app pages according to your prototype and your business requirements. Software engineers convert requirements and designs into real clickable apps that can respond to user queries, interact with other apps and services, provide answers, and meet your expectations. Software engineers build exactly what you want to see up and running on the web. It may be confusing to differentiate between the roles of business analyst and system analyst , especially if you’re new to product development. Business analysis is a wider concept, covering an entire organization or business domain.

But you’ll also need someone to test that code, work with the business to uncover specific needs, and translate those needs to the developers. A winning team will provide a wide array of services and has a special software development team structure. The project manager will be the main point of contact for the product owner. In addition to helping the customer, this person is in charge of everyday team management. The role also determines the software development team’s objectives and success indicators. A project manager ensures that workflows are effective and that everyone is adhering to the deadline and standards that have been established.

This dream of a team, however, comes with a constraint — usually this type of software development team is more difficult to gather in terms of time and financial resources. Hopefully, this article will be a valuable guide if you’re having a hard time hiring your first software development team. Now you know some basic terminology, software development team structure types, software development team processes, methodologies, and technologies depending on the platform focus.


It is also important to ensure that your software development team members are well-suited to your company goals. It would help if you tried to give them an encouraging space to work as well. You should enquire if they have all that they need at each sprint review. You’re already on the right path to success with a good software development team and a good working environment. With traditional development, you need to have at least one person per stack ; of course, a full-stack developer can handle it, but this is not suitable for all projects.

For large projects, you will typically need to hire more specialists to get every task completed. The solution architect is responsible for the overall design of a solution, meaning its technical implementation. They work closely with the business and IT teams to understand the business requirements, identify any gaps in those requirements, and design a solution that meets those needs. They also work with system architects to ensure that their designs are consistent with overall organizational strategy and goals. It’s a group of in-house or dedicated developers that work on the project together.

This role is versatile for smaller projects that don’t require an extensive team structure. Properly assign roles according to the software development team hierarchy. Essentially, the UX and UI designer roles involve predicting what the end-user will need as they use the product. UX designers look at the entire user experience of the software or app, while UI designers analyze parts of the whole—for example, button layouts, menu bars and other interface elements. In short, developers and well-written, clean code are usually not enough to ensure the project’s success, so you should make sure to include other crucial people in your development team.

Identify Key Factors in Building a Software Development Team

A “hybrid” software development team structure is basically a combination of generalists and specialists. Such teams work on the project as a whole, but if necessary, they can narrow the scope of their activities. Still, complex projects can need more roles; hence, more team members.

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We provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software. My company has helped hundreds of companies scale engineering teams and build software products from scratch. Agile team management is a set of practices that allow teams to work together in an environment how to hire software development team where they can respond quickly to change. Agile team managers focus on the needs of the team rather than on their own personal goals and objectives. Agile team managers use feedback from their teams to make sure that everyone is contributing equally and that no one feels left out or undervalued.

An effective leader is crucial to creating a high-performing agile team. Instead of controlling team behavior, leaders of high-performing agile teams inspire the team constantly. The agile development approach depends on efficiency in order to be successful. Due to its efficiency in defining the number of possible combinations, 7 is often considered the recommended number for agile team size.

In the meantime, you can check out some of our case studies to learn what great things we’ve built for our clients. Communication is always at the heart of teamwork, regardless of the industry, and software development is no exception. In great teams, people have all the necessary tools and processes for effective communication. To build an effective agile team, making the right hiring decisions from the very beginning is crucial.

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