My Experience: Learning Angular 5 as a long time react developer by Nitin Jadhav

Below, I will create a paragraph get an answer selector, and I will type an answer text. So in the first entry content, add question selector and put a second edgy content add answer selector. To do that, let me insert a child inside of our root component and I will pass paragraph in a message. Users of this component can now project their own message into the component. To me, it’s similar to a film projector, where you have a slot to insert your content, which is going to be displayed on the screen. We can style host styles with the given selector by using the function form as the following. We can remove these additional CSS selectors by setting encapsulation to none.

  • Since neither React nor Vue forces you to write your codebase in a specific way, you can get up and running reasonably quickly by relying on your JavaScript knowledge.
  • If you want, you can begin with the resources that you personally find interesting.
  • In the following example, changing the text in the input changes the value in the span because Angular immediately updates changes to the template variable ref one.
  • So it’s the same thing as if someone is calling you, which is an event and you’re answering that phone call, which is the response and in our example, template statement.
  • It is of high worth for companies with big teams and good developers and ones already using TypeScript.
  • But if you want something reliable and dependable, this book is the way to go.

React and Angular share some common goals making it easier to develop web applications, but they accomplish this in different ways. One of the fundamental differences is that Angular is a full-fledged MVC framework while React is a JavaScript UI Library .

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The second reason is getting up and running quickly often makes the task more engaging, fun, and motivating. Shaping up with Angular.js — a free Code School video course sponsored by Google, the developer and maintainer of the Angular — fits the bill. This online course is a well-structured and efficient intro to Angular. The first is so I can decide right off the bat whether it’s something I see as being a potentially worthwhile skill to acquire, without putting in too much time into it. What’s more, the value you derive from Angular will be proportional to how adept you are at JavaScript.

how long to learn angular

To initialize the form group provide a constructor with an object of named keys mapped to their control. And second way of form array defines a dynamic form where you can add and remove controls at runtime.

Setting up Angular 14 reactive forms

By the end, you’ll have a robust (and fun!) real-world project to add to your portfolio. This is a full-stack app unlike what you’d find in any other Angular tutorial online. With dependency injection, instances are created and maintained on your behalf. All we have to do is add it to the argument list of the constructor() function.

How long will it take to learn Angular JS?

On the estimation, it may take two to three months to learn Angular JS in the right way. If you want to know only the basics, it may take a few weeks or hours based on your grasping power.

The next project that we have is a responsive admin dashboard that can display an array of information handy for managing an online store, a marketing tool, etc. The basic purpose of an admin dashboard is to collect the desired data and display it in such a way that the admins can use it to make informed decisions. While developing this how long to learn angular app, allow users to create and log in to their accounts to add blogs. Create an admin account that will be responsible for managing users and their content. The admin should have the authority to remove the content of other users. This is probably one of the most popular and widely used paid IDEs for web development and supports Angular.

Top 5 Books to Learn Angular for Beginners – Best of Lot

However, there’s one more thing that you can add to your apps without any significant challenge, and that is animation. Angular comes with native support for complex animations that allow you to enhance your apps’ overall appearance and user experience. Usually, a component is created for each application to make it easier to keep the whole application well-organized and easy to manage. Angular is unequivocally one of the most widely-used and popular JavaScript web application frameworks.

Testing your applications is an important part of building scalable applications. Cypress will help you design End-To-End tests that will give you confidence in the app you’re building.


As a beginner, this is another project that you will love working with. The concept of a blogging app is straightforward; it should allow users to add, delete, modify blogs having a title and the main content. Creating a basic blogging app is quite easy, but you will be implementing many Angular concepts, which is why this project can prove advantageous for you. If you want to make this project a bit more challenging and interesting, you can add functionalities like user login and authentication, chat rooms, etc. You can use popular libraries like socket.io to enable your chat app with real-time, event-based communication. While creating a chat app, you need to use concepts like services, dependency injection, RxJS, observables, and more. Your chat app should allow two users to connect and send messages in real-time.

Ready to Learn Angular?

Lightning-fast performance, helpful tooling, and a vibrant community are the pillars of any framework worth its salt. Angular offers these points and so much more.Want to know how to start learning Angular? Well you have a couple options that I personally recommend.Angular Templates offers its “Angular tutorial” that is a great free resource to learn from.If you want to take the next step, the best way to learn Angular (in my slightly biased but honest opinion) is with my brand new bootcamp, Complete Angular Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery.My goal with this course is to help you learn Angular from scratch in a way that allows you to really understand Angular so that you’re able to use it yourself when you’re out in the wild (a.k.a. the real world).The coolest part of this course is that you’ll build a massive video sharing application for gamers using Angular, along with TypeScript, WebAssembly, Rust, RxJS, TailwindCSS, and Firebase.By the end, you’ll have a robust (and fun!)…  Ещё

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